Very recently our team completed a sports lighting project for the University of Queensland’s tennis facilities, and in the process we encountered something of a technology-based disconnect between facility management and its customers.

Users seemed in need of a smart, mobile interface through which to make multiple bookings and customise their own settings.

Administrators were lacking accessible and cohesive usage data and analysis. Moreover, they were lacking access to smart lighting technology.

So we stepped up, and developed Sporte. 

The Sporte system empowers facility administrators and users alike with a fine-grain mobile interface, a mobile booking system, and superior reporting and analysis.

Sporte is the most dynamic and easy to use sports lighting and booking system available, using cloud-based technology to ensure it’s light, super-fast, and very low maintenance.

Case Study

A suburban soccer club 

Consider the example of a busy suburban soccer club with multi-use fields.

If a junior squad coach wished to block-book six weeks’ worth of training sessions that take place between 4pm and 7pm, for instance, they would be able to make the booking, select lighting preferences, and browse location facilities.


Create Account, Pay Online

From any device, a coach (or user) either signs in to pay as a guest or creates a member’s account, using credit card or Paypal.

Place A Booking

The user is presented with a number of booking options, such as date, time, type, and duration, and is prompted to make future bookings.

From there they may select a preferred lighting scene.

Select A Scene

The user chooses a type of default scene, such as Junior Training, or Senior Match. Each default scene has its own set ‘lux’ (ie- luminescence or brightness).

Alternatively, a user may also create and save their own custom lighting setting for a particular booking.

Venue Stats

Relevant information such as location, facilities, and parking availability can be perused.



The administrators of such a club would be empowered with total mobile control over their lighting installation.

Master Lighting Control

A club administrator accesses all aspects of lighting control remotely from any device.

The installed lighting hardware uses an astro clock to determine when to activate the lights after sundown, and dims them during empty booking slots.

Completely accurate, user-generated data accessible from anywhere.

Using any device, a club administrator can pull usage data from a selected date range control panels for usage data via a control panel that displays maintenance alerts, power consumption, and an overall usage summary.

This data may then be used to generate instant reports, or exported to Office 365 or Google Apps.

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