Android, iOS and Web Apps

Development of apps to support National Parks, Sport and Racing Department’s activity initiatives, providing an online learning system for the delivery of various programs and health tools.

News and messaging services for their client’s timely access to program information and data services.


EDM-integrated Community Polling App

Development of a community polling app for all platforms that integrates into the client’s existing EDM service.

This includes a user interface providing detailed usage reporting via geolocation.


Tools & Technologies

  • Eclipse
  • Joomla
  • PHP
  • Mysql
  • XCode


App Icon


Education and Training Calendar

Scroll to view all upcoming education and training events. Filter and sort options make searching for a specific event easier.

Detailed Event Information

All information participants need to take part in an event including, dates, times, location (with map) and contact details.


Search Events by Location

Look for events across Queensland. Click on a pin in the desired area and the participant will be taken to the event details in that location.

Your Vote Counts

Users have the opportunity to inform NPSR their opinions on important issues relating to sport and recreation.